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Blue Light Acne Treatment

P. acnes is the bacteria responsible for causing acne breakouts. Blue Light PhotoDynamic Therapy is a procedure that uses certain wavelengths of light (blue), to produce free radicals that kills this bacteria. Blue light is used to treat for both active blemishes and inactive sebaceous glands to prevent future breakouts. Blue light can also be used to reduce the redness and flushing caused by rosacea.

First, the patient’s face is cleansed to remove any oil on the skin. Next, a topical photosensitizing agent called Levulan (aminolevulinic acid or ALA) is applied to the skin. Abnormal cells, pores and oil glands absorb Levulan, making these areas more susceptible to the light treatment.

The skin is then exposed to the blue light (at least 2 feet away). Exposure lasts between 8 to 16 minutes. During the treatment, the skin may feel warm. However, patients experience little to no discomfort. Most patients require a series of three treatments at two-week intervals to maintain clear skin.

Levulan may cause mild sunburn like redness and or peeling in some patients. The area will be sensitive to sunlight or other intense light sources for approximately 48 hours. As such, patients should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for 2 days after the treatment.

Benefits of Blue light PhotoDynamic Therapy include:

* 100% natural and non-invasive
* Drug-free with no adverse side effects
* Safe for all ages and safe for daily use
* Painless
* No down-time


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